Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Choosing Your Vision's Greatness

Now The Vision is more than...
arriving at goal.  You  ran the race, stayed the course, and won against all odds. What's next? 

An even better place awaits you if--and this is a big if--if you become mindful of your new responsibility to take somebody else with you.  From this point forward, how great your success will grow depends--to a great extent--on just how willing you are to help someone else grow alongside. But who?

You choose. A vendor who needs a break to keep his fledgling business alive? A student who needs part or full time work to supplement her tuition costs? A timely donation to someone who is living from one social security paycheck to the next? You know your environment better than I do.  So you choose.

And The Good Thing about...
taking someone else with you, is the surprise of wellness that they often bring to you in exchange.  Ever heard of reaping what you sow? Any farmer will tell you that it  is a big mistake to plant tomatoes if you wish to harvest a field of corn.  And if you plant nothing at all, your harvest will be nothing at all.

Could your new business use a  great harvest? My wise uncle once told me that anything you get in the wrong way will backfire in your face. 

You overcame much to arrive at goal. Look to avoid tainting your well fought for accomplishments with lackadaisical reflections at this stage of the game.  That is,  you must do your best to.obtain zero future growth from a lack of integrity, or through a willful selfishness that precludes you from caring about those around you..

Then Build Your Harvest by...
sowing greatness.  Sow your wealth by planting a "Giving To Someone Else" seed where ever  the opportunity to do so can be found. Test the possibility for a while, and then decide for yourself  if the notion of  helping another is worth your continued practice.  You choose...

To Your Good Fortune...
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