Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Making The New Economy Ours

Unfinished Business
Both an aspiring business and a successful and growing one remain unfinished.

In the new economy, decisions must be made, action plans are to be implemented, while sustaining profits need be realized. Yet, there exists another unfinished business with which every owner and each employee must concern themselves. And it is this--reputation.

Companies who stay in business from one generation to the next take reputation to heart. Those who are solely motivated by the infamous fast buck often fall short of such mindfulness. Measure where you stand by choosing  which of two (opposing)  epitaph you would like written for your company. What will your business marker say about you and about the training you give your employees?

Win/Win Policies
Business is the action of meeting a need that no one else can meet as competitively as  you can--and still derive a profit. However you may want your business to accomplish its intended goal, you must accomplish that goal so that everyone wins.

Employees for the new economy need understand that job security rests to a large degree on your company's  well earned reputation.

It must register to each team member that the first image any client notices about the company is its employees.. In very lay terms, there will be no repeat business from a customer if your company's employees do not  lay their personal reputation on the line. At the moment of initial contact, the prospective buyer thinks:

You win because I'm going to give you my money. Now reassure me that I also win  because your wonderful service or product is worth every penny.

Only the employee speaking to the customer can provide such reassurance. Your job as owner is to provide a policy that employee can stand behind without hesitation.

Faulty Business Promises
No profit can be derived from a policy of over-promising a company's  ability to perform. Unless, of course the owner is a fly by night operator.   In all other cases, promise only what you can deliver and then deliver it in earnest.

We have seen fly-by-night operators on the news magazines shows--60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Night Line--and such swindlers must have no place in our new economy. Let consumers, business owners and company employees band together to see that they don't.

The World Watches On
This is our new beginning. We are Americans looking out for other Americans and for our world neighbors. What better win-win could any of us ask? Choose to write your business marker with a caring from which everyone may prosper--no one may lose.

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