Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Entrepreneur's Win

In The Beginning
 In private practice, a new hire is often assigned to a 'seasoned pro' who coaches and fills in the gaps until that neophyte is ready to take on major responsibilities.

In government service, a management intern, soon discovers that excellence in performance can only be obtained when he couples his supervisor's training with his own mastery of a slew of  program guidelines.

But what about the entrepreneur? Beyond wanting the success, beyond holding  onto the vision, beyond networking to sustain the drive--how does The Dreamer find his path to progress?

Muddling  Through The Middle
Throughout the night of his business building, the entrepreneur's dream is often interrupted by details demanding immediate attention.  Yet  the true entrepreneur's vision sustains itself  all night, and then as long as it may take for his business vision to  manifest.

While he muddles through 'his nights', that dreamer/visionary constructs procedures and practices that not only fixes his dream's distractions; but returns him to the handiwork by which he perseveres to carve his  vision into a monetary reality.

The fuel for his 'hanging in there'  while carving his envisioned financial increase--is his sinew.  That sinew is the very stuff on which character, life and growing a successful business are all dependent..

Entrepreneurial grit (sinew) is always ignited by an uncontested belief that a plan will come together regardless of any suggestion to the contrary.

It's second  stage begins as soon as the entrepreneur takes a deep clarifying breath--in the face of any  and all challenges' predicting a fate of doom.

And, lastly, sinew is that unheralded strength to  go back in yet another time to challenge the immediate challenge that mocks

Relishing The Finish
Our world changes much too rapidly it seems.  Those changes affect not only how we spend money but  how we must also be prepared to earn it.  That this is the age of the entrepreneur understates that fact.

The infamous two-income family may soon change to be known a a three-income family. That is, husband and wife while holding on to individual careers; start to invest time together to build a third-income start-up company.

With good prospects, that third source of income may grow to redefine just how a typical family changes its earning capacity from two so-so salaried  incomes, to that of a single-income one that grows as large as the two persistent  entrepreneurs  can envision it to rise.

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