Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The World And Everything In It: MS Maya Angelou

Giants Move On To Higher Grounds
I like the way Maya Angelou left us. In quiet grace, she simply moved on to her next point of peace.

While here with us, struggles came and went for this ever evolving American poet/writer. I
 think that life, such as it came, had always promised her a secret greatness. Clothed in a cool strength and a warm disposition, she often stepped up to the plate with a keen eye on the ball, batter ready for her next home run hit.

The Valleys Of Her 'Giant-ness'
Only a once caged.bird could  have endured the revealing narrative of her autobiographical  I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.
Only a warrior/phoenix like MS Angelou could have escaped from some past trampled upon ashes to 'sing' the poignant and melodious Still I Rise.
And  during President Clinton's first inauguration, who but Maya Angelou--with her  On the Pulse of the Morning--could have  invited the entire planet to embrace a better and more respectful world community?

Her Spirit Flowed From Mountaintops
It is hinted, suggested, and encouraged that we  seek to find for ourselves--the world and everything in it. Happiness and joy. it is said, can  only be found once we possess such royalties of kings. We who think along such lines are 'valley people'. We seem only to want what we have been taught or conditioned by other 'valley people' to want.

But 'mountaintop people' like Maya Angelou  live from a different spirit.  A blade of grass, a tossed pebble spiraling in a pond, and the fresh smell of  inland air after rain--these are their royalties. Maya chose to share her love for such simple things in life, which if permitted, will bring all the euphoria a joy-hungry soul can handle.

Her body of works examined the so often overlooked uncomplicated happiness bringers.

Freedom to those who have never been free; respect for those who have only experienced denigration; and, sight to those who have always been blind. On exploration of these seldom heralded basic human needs, Maya Angelou succeeded always in articulating her discoveries with kindness, thoughtfulness and patience.

When she was done, MS Angelou said, "Good night."
...and then she went  away

I like the way Maya Angelou left us. In quiet grace, she simply moved on to her next point of peace.
                                          So Long, Maya.
                                          Farewell, MS Angelou

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